Top 5 Tips to a Great Children’s Party

Here are out top 5 tips for having a great children’s Birthday Party

Create a guest list. A good rule of thumb is the child’s age plus 1. Depending on how many adults can stick around, you’ll be grateful that this number isn’t too high.

Pick a venue, time and theme. Though you don’t necessarily have to have it at your house, it may be the easiest option. Otherwise perhaps consider a kid-friendly restaurant or space.

Having a theme makes it easier to pick out decorations, food, and plan games.

Find a time that you believe will work for both the parents and the kids – do you need to consider nap times for little ones?

Book the entertainment. Obviously this is when you call Richard on 0403014853 and book a Jumping Castle for your party.

Deliver invitations. In this digital age sometimes it’s still nice to receive a handmade invitation. Otherwise social media or a phone call to the parents is all you need – especially if you don’t want school age children finding out they weren’t’ invited and getting upset when they don’t receive one at school that day.

Pick out decorations and food. You’ve maybe got a theme so that’s makes things easier. Pinterest is great for low cost and innovative ideas!

Remember the cake, age-appropriate food and some healthy options for those that – shock horror- don’t like sweets or typical party food.

Come up with a few games. Though the children may be able to make their fun (especially depending on their age), be sure to have a few pre-planned activities to break up the party and speed the time away. If you have a theme, try to stick with it – make bracelets for a princess theme, or build cardboard rockets for a space theme. And instead of a goodie bag with a trinket they might throwaway, your game or activity could cover your party favour. Whatever they’ve done, found or made that day.

Take care of the adults. Be sure to provide for any adults brave enough to stay for the party. You don’t just have to offer a cup of tea – why not a glass of bubbles or some grown up nibbles.

We’d love to hear what your top tips are! What’s worked for you – and what definitely not!

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